Office of the President

Mission, Vision and Goals

Mission Statement

The University of Texas at Dallas provides the State of Texas and the nation with excellent, innovative education and research. The University is committed to graduating well-rounded citizens whose education has prepared them for rewarding lives and productive careers in a constantly changing world; to continually improving educational and research programs in the arts and sciences, engineering, and management; and to assisting the commercialization of intellectual capital generated by students, staff, and faculty.

Vision and Goals

At UT Dallas, our vision is to be one of the nation’s best public research universities and one of the great universities of the world. We are ideally positioned to accomplish this goal as a global leader in innovative, high-quality science, business, and engineering education and research.

As president, every decision I make is intended to further this vision and to support UT Dallas’ mission to produce graduates prepared for life, work and leadership; to advance our educational and research programs; and to transform ideas into actions that benefit the citizens of Texas.

UT Dallas’ exponential growth has put us on a trajectory to achieve several key goals that will also help us to fulfill our greater vision.

We aspire to be:

UT Dallas can achieve these goals because we are a young, agile university located in one of the nation’s largest, most vibrant metropolitan areas. Our talented students and faculty have the benefit of many innovative programs, and they are surrounded by businesses that have a track record of collaboration with the University. We are also backed by the strength and reputation of The University of Texas System, and we enjoy collaboration opportunities with our nearby sister organizations, UT Southwestern Medical Center and UT Arlington.

This combination of focus, youth, quality, location and collaboration makes UT Dallas an ideal candidate to evolve from a small, young, very good university into a nationally pre-eminent, top-tier research university — an asset that the Dallas area urgently needs.

We must respond to new opportunities and challenges without limitations, explore new ways to engage our community, and further these goals, which will enrich life for us all.